Guide To Student Loans

Guide To Student Loans

College education is said to be a ticket to a better future. It is an integral process in gaining skill and knowledge to be able to contribute to the society. With a college education, many opportunities can open up. From job security to better living standards to getting connections whom can be valuable later on in life. The benefits of college education are plentiful. However, with rising costs of college education, more students are considering to take loans to help pay for school. What options are available to obtain such loans?

Student Loan Guide

Types of Loans

It is important to understand the types of loans that are available for the student to get. This will help in choosing the loan that is right for you. There are two kinds of loans available to choose from, the federal student loan and the private loans.lkjhgfdsfghjk

The state provides the federal student loans. One is required to fill out the FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Once compiled one is required to submit it and await their financial aid award package which is determined and sent by the college or university. The award package will outline the type of aid being offered which could be scholarships and grants.

Most federal student loans have limits and student are only able to borrow particular amounts depending on their need or year in college. Hence many opt to take private student loans. Typically most private student loans are offered by banks. Also, institutions like credit unions or other lending companies provide such loans.

Investigate All Options

It is important to know the loan options available and requirements before applying. This will help one find and get the best arrangement for their needs. One needs to shop around, visit the institutions and ask all the relevant questions. Once this has been done, sit down and compare the loans and benefits then one can make a decision.

Factors To Consider

Confirm loan details. Be sure to be clear on the interest rates. Federal loans have a fixed rate which helps in predicting payments. Private student loans rates vary depending on the lender. It is thus paramount to have clarity on the rates. Likewise, be clear on the first payment d;lkjhgfghjkl;kjhate, the total cost of the loan and the deferment period.

Find out when the money is disbursed. Will the money go to the school directly or will it be sent to the borrower’s account? Such information is critical for it will avoid confusion of where the money has been sent, preventing delays in settling the student’s account.

Finally, ensure to choose a lender with good customer service. Student loans are a big commitment. Hence you need a lender who has a reputation of handling their clients well.

Campus Safety Guide

Campus Safety Guide

Reality checks in when you or someone you know is affected by an incident whether a crime or a threat of an assault. Otherwise one would remain detached and separated from such issues and its effects. It is thus critical to be equipped and aware of what to do and how to prevent oneself from such incidents occurring. What safety guidelines are there to help someone.

Safety Guide

Get information about the school campus safety office;lkjhgjklo;kjh

Familiarizing yourself with the school’s campus safety or security office is good. Campus Safety Magazine reports can offer more insight on this. Get the numbers of the security office and find out what time are the office hours. Also, inquire about the programs they offer, it could be a campus escort service or a safety map.

Know the campus and city crimes

Understanding and knowing about the crime in your area will be of great benefit. The better you will be equipped in preventing such incidents happening again. Most colleges provide statistics on campus crime, and one can also get statistics on a cities crime rate from various sites. These will include the type of offense and location it occurred. Being knowledgeable is one way of preventing a reoccurrence of an incident.

Be cautious at night

It is a fact on average that most offenses and crimes occur at night. Likewise, one should not be scared assuming that danger is around every corner, one should also not take unnecessary risk. If you must walk at night or have work, adopt the buddy system of being with a friend or call the campus security to give you a ride home.

Lock Up Always

Remember to close and lock up your door whether room or car door. Even if one is stepping out for a few minutes, it is wise to have the rooms under lock and key. A criminal always takes the path that is the least resistance. Hence, locking your doors is one way to protect you and your property from such incidence.

Know where you are going

Every time you set out to go somewhere, be aware of where you are heading to and how
to get there. Inform your friends of where you will be heading to, possible routes you may take and what timlkjhgfhjklkjhe you may be back. This will be helpful in the case you do not return on time. Furthermore, always carry some emergency cash.

Some final tips would be to watch what you drink, especially if you have left your drink unattended. Never accept substances from people. If you are with friends and they leave a place, leave together with them. Also, have safety and security supplies readily accessible like pepper spray. Lastly, remember to report any suspicious incident.

College Dorm And Campus Living Checklist

College Dorm And Campus Living Checklist

Going to campus is an exciting time for many students. The thrill of finally studying in your dream college and being a part of a prestigious center of learning is exhilarating. Your time will be spent in the lecture halls and your dorm room. One requires planning well for the college life. One needs to plan out a checklist and purchase for dorm room essentials that will be space efficient and durable. Remember, dorm rooms can be space limiting and storage maybe inadequate. What then are the essential dorm room essentials that one will need?

Campus Living Checklist

Linens And Laundry Supplies

Carry your duvet or comforter, pillows, and sheets. Bring two sets of linens, for easy of also bring a lint brush and a mini sewing kit. Remember also change when laundr;lkjhgfhjkl;kjhy needs to done. It is important to find out from the college the size of beddings needed. Also, have bath linens like towels and a bathrobe. Likewise, carry a laundry basket for putting dirty linen and cloth hangers for hanging and organizing clothes, these also help with storage. One can to carry cleaning supplies.

Room Storage, Organizers, And Requirements

Some essential room requirements include a bedside lamp to light your bed, an alarm clock to help in waking up and time management. A desk lamp necessary for reading. Storage boxes and bins are useful for storing things under the bed or a corner in the room.

Kitchen And Dining

Inquire which appliances you are allowed to have like a toaster or a coffee maker. It is important to coordinate with your future roommate(s) for easy and purchase. Also, carry dishes, glasses, and utensils to have at hand, though most of the meals may be eaten in the school cafeteria.

Desk And Office Supplies

Stationery are essential tools in the process of learning. Having notebooks, pens, and pencils, folders with pockets and highlighter pens go a long way in jotting down what one is being taught. Also, having an electronic storage tool like a memory card and USB flash drive will help in keeping information and data about assignments and other necessary information. Otlkuytryuioiuyther office supplies can be rulers, stapler, and staples, scissors, tape, pencil holder, and sharpeners. The is endless, it all depends on the requirements of the student.

Some other supplies to have are your organizers like a shower tote, a cosmetic desk organizer for a lady. Electronics like laptops, MP3 players, portable speakers, cell phones and cameras also need to be on the list. Lastly, remember to carry your personal items, toiletries, and clothes. Also do not forget important documents like your ID cards, driving license, registration forms, and any other relevant documents. Finally, if you are on prescribed medication, bring enough.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A College

Factors To Consider When Choosing A College

Choosing a college can be quite challenging for some students, often even creating panic in them. Many tend to over-analyze the universities trying to find the best place for them to spend the next four years of their lives. Depending on the numerous offers from different colleges, the process of choosing a college may be difficult. The more colleges one is accepted to, the more it becomes difficult to choose.

What you should consider

Your major

ggcxhw354rdfgcjrBy identifying what you want to major in, it becomes less hectic to choose a college from a list of prospects. One that offers your major and also performs best in them will be the best option as it will ensure you will become the best at what you do and will earn you a reputation. For a student with an undecided major, he can go to a college with several majors and choose a major at a later date.

Location of the college

The school location is paramount. You should have an idea of which places are good and comfortable for you to live in. You can choose whether to be in a big city or lie low in a rural area. Consider also the temperatures and the weather in the different cities where the various colleges are located. By closing down on the most suitable locations you would love to study in, you will have narrowed down to some of the best colleges for you.

Sports and campus activities.

dfcxs34tedfcfjrs54This is an important factor to consider when choosing a college to attend. Even if you are not a sports person, you should look for a university that has a variety of sporting activities. If you are a sportsman choosing a college that will build your career is important as it may determine whether you may go professional some day. There are some more activities like orchestra, campus ministries, and bands that can keep you busy on the campus as well.

Housing options

Finding a university with good housing is a key factor in the number of students living in the dorms or hostels. A majority of schools offer houses based on gender while others may offer rooms for both male and female students. Other institutions may also offer houses based on themes such as science, math, arts, and sports.

A few of the schools may also offer apartments to students that are married. Some colleges may require freshmen to live on campus and have a choice to move once they progress. Finding a school with the best housing is essential for your choice of college.

How To Get Scholarships

How To Get Scholarships

Universities around the world now award both local and international students with special and unique abilities in various fields a chance to enroll in various programs of choice without having to pay either all or part of the required fees. There are many reasons for the schools awarding scholarships, including the fact that the more populated a school is, the more merchandise and revenue it gets.

Below are great tips on how to land a scholarship.

Top tips to help you land a scholarship

Apply at your earliest

ffhgdfdhrte3wy54tedThis is probably the most repeated piece of advice, but, those who are successful in landing those big-time scholarships do say this played a vital role in their success. Schools set aside specific and limited amounts of funding for scholarships, which means that the earlier the application, the easier it gets to land one. Always be on the lookout for open opportunities during periods that the universities are opening for new academic years at the beginning of the year.

Check university website

Knowing which type of college or university you would like to join is important for you to track their activities and schedules online. Read through the websites in which you desire to apply. This will provide you with an insight on the requirements and prerequisites. You will also learn the process that you will undergo on recruitment, and how to get your financial aid and other categories of funding.

Be open minded

It is quite important not to place all your focus in one direction only. You could have high hopes of joining a given college only to fail due to some unforeseen factors. The only way to avoid all these is always to have secondary options. Take your time and do extensive research, talk to relevant people with contacts provided on the website to learn about other available funding opportunities.

Focus on an essay topic

fgmnfdrjtsu53wu4erdgWhen identifying the desired school, the next step is to ensure that each application is well articulated and well-targeted for the chance in question. Make sure you identify the keywords, understand them, and ensure that you don’t stray away from the question given when you answer. If possible, get another person to read your essay and get their views openly. Accept correction and have an open mind if you are serious about succeeding. The third party should be well versed in both oral and written skills for them to be of any help.

Time management

This is critical especially if you are playing the game of chance with multiple scholarship opportunities. Try and make a schedule, or say, a timetable to govern your activities. Set a deadline and be disciplined with the goals you set for yourself. Make sure you submit all listed documents, set realistic calendars, and give yourself ample time to focus on prerequisites.

Lastly, apply as much as you can. Be patient and continue applying, stop underestimating your capability as a human being! I am not advising that you’d be over confident but trust in your effort and you never know, you just might land in the college of your dreams, it’s always all up to you.