Campus Safety Guide

Campus Safety Guide

Reality checks in when you or someone you know is affected by an incident whether a crime or a threat of an assault. Otherwise one would remain detached and separated from such issues and its effects. It is thus critical to be equipped and aware of what to do and how to prevent oneself from such incidents occurring. What safety guidelines are there to help someone.

Safety Guide

Get information about the school campus safety office;lkjhgjklo;kjh

Familiarizing yourself with the school’s campus safety or security office is good. Campus Safety Magazine reports can offer more insight on this. Get the numbers of the security office and find out what time are the office hours. Also, inquire about the programs they offer, it could be a campus escort service or a safety map.

Know the campus and city crimes

Understanding and knowing about the crime in your area will be of great benefit. The better you will be equipped in preventing such incidents happening again. Most colleges provide statistics on campus crime, and one can also get statistics on a cities crime rate from various sites. These will include the type of offense and location it occurred. Being knowledgeable is one way of preventing a reoccurrence of an incident.

Be cautious at night

It is a fact on average that most offenses and crimes occur at night. Likewise, one should not be scared assuming that danger is around every corner, one should also not take unnecessary risk. If you must walk at night or have work, adopt the buddy system of being with a friend or call the campus security to give you a ride home.

Lock Up Always

Remember to close and lock up your door whether room or car door. Even if one is stepping out for a few minutes, it is wise to have the rooms under lock and key. A criminal always takes the path that is the least resistance. Hence, locking your doors is one way to protect you and your property from such incidence.

Know where you are going

Every time you set out to go somewhere, be aware of where you are heading to and how
to get there. Inform your friends of where you will be heading to, possible routes you may take and what timlkjhgfhjklkjhe you may be back. This will be helpful in the case you do not return on time. Furthermore, always carry some emergency cash.

Some final tips would be to watch what you drink, especially if you have left your drink unattended. Never accept substances from people. If you are with friends and they leave a place, leave together with them. Also, have safety and security supplies readily accessible like pepper spray. Lastly, remember to report any suspicious incident.