College Dorm And Campus Living Checklist

College Dorm And Campus Living Checklist

Going to campus is an exciting time for many students. The thrill of finally studying in your dream college and being a part of a prestigious center of learning is exhilarating. Your time will be spent in the lecture halls and your dorm room. One requires planning well for the college life. One needs to plan out a checklist and purchase for dorm room essentials that will be space efficient and durable. Remember, dorm rooms can be space limiting and storage maybe inadequate. What then are the essential dorm room essentials that one will need?

Campus Living Checklist

Linens And Laundry Supplies

Carry your duvet or comforter, pillows, and sheets. Bring two sets of linens, for easy of also bring a lint brush and a mini sewing kit. Remember also change when laundr;lkjhgfhjkl;kjhy needs to done. It is important to find out from the college the size of beddings needed. Also, have bath linens like towels and a bathrobe. Likewise, carry a laundry basket for putting dirty linen and cloth hangers for hanging and organizing clothes, these also help with storage. One can to carry cleaning supplies.

Room Storage, Organizers, And Requirements

Some essential room requirements include a bedside lamp to light your bed, an alarm clock to help in waking up and time management. A desk lamp necessary for reading. Storage boxes and bins are useful for storing things under the bed or a corner in the room.

Kitchen And Dining

Inquire which appliances you are allowed to have like a toaster or a coffee maker. It is important to coordinate with your future roommate(s) for easy and purchase. Also, carry dishes, glasses, and utensils to have at hand, though most of the meals may be eaten in the school cafeteria.

Desk And Office Supplies

Stationery are essential tools in the process of learning. Having notebooks, pens, and pencils, folders with pockets and highlighter pens go a long way in jotting down what one is being taught. Also, having an electronic storage tool like a memory card and USB flash drive will help in keeping information and data about assignments and other necessary information. Otlkuytryuioiuyther office supplies can be rulers, stapler, and staples, scissors, tape, pencil holder, and sharpeners. The is endless, it all depends on the requirements of the student.

Some other supplies to have are your organizers like a shower tote, a cosmetic desk organizer for a lady. Electronics like laptops, MP3 players, portable speakers, cell phones and cameras also need to be on the list. Lastly, remember to carry your personal items, toiletries, and clothes. Also do not forget important documents like your ID cards, driving license, registration forms, and any other relevant documents. Finally, if you are on prescribed medication, bring enough.